Thursday, January 23, 2020

Songs of My Parents

Please post a song that your parents love. Talk to them and find out why that's their song. Post a link, listen to it three times and comment.


  1. My dad’s all time favorite song is “Don’t Go” by the British group Yazoo, known as Yaz in America. He loves this song because it gives him the feeling of being in the club on a Saturday night in the ‘80’s. He loves a lot of Yazoo’s songs because of the songwriter Vince Clarke. In my dad’s eyes, Vince Clarke is the king of New Wave music in the ‘80’s. He took me through the whole progression from ‘70’s music to New Wave music. He particularly likes Yazoo’s songs because it combines Clarke’s beats with Allison Moyet’s unique voice. The words don’t really matter as long she’s singing. However, he says what sets “Don’t Go” apart from all the others is the amazing ‘80’s dance beat, and I would have to agree. The synth and the mixer really gives off the mid-80’s dance vibe. Out of the Yazoo songs he played for me, “Don’t Go” has the best club beat and I can just imagine my teenage dad jamming to this with my uncles in a Swiss club.


    My mom’s favorite song back in high school was poison classic hit, “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”. She chose this song because the lyrics were very meaningful, and it incorporates similes and metaphors relating to both love and life. This is a breakup song and it’s about how the singer is still thinking of their ex lover and remembering everything they’ve been through. The overall theme of the song is that while there are sometimes ups there are also downs and sadly that’s just how life goes. The slow yet powerful beat had both high school students and adults at the time passionately singing along. Poison was and still is one of the most popular rock and roll bands of all time. Although Poison’s era was during the 1990s people around the world continue to listen and sing along to their most classic songs today. While the lyrics and slower tempo are quite similar to other love songs of that time, the artists use of rock and roll and harder beats(drums/electric guitar) allow the song to have a different feel to it. This crossover of a slow love ballad and rock and roll beats caused a wider variety of people to enjoy this song.


    My mom’s favorite song is “In This Life” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole because it reminds her of when she got married. Overall, she really enjoys his songwriting and the melody of his songs. The slow pace of the song lets the listener take in the lyrics of the song, and is how she fell in love with it. While choosing their wedding song, my parents looked a lot at songs by local people because of their upbringing in Hawaii. “In This Life” speaks of undying love. A love that can’t be broken, even if the world came crashing down. The messages in this song gives off a strong impression to the listener that everything is alright as long as two people have each other.


    One of my father’s favorite songs is “The Saga Begins” by Weird Al Yankovic, the first track off his classic album Running with Scissors. This song is a parody of Don McLean’s iconic “American Pie” and summarizes the three Star Wars prequel movies. He and I are both massive Star Wars nerds, and he introduced this song to me a number of years ago when I first started watching the trilogies. Though Weird Al has made many very hilarious parodies, this song in particular is his favorite because it neatly outlines the plot and key events of the three prequel movies, The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. For my father, this song is much more than a refresher course on his favorite movie series. He graduated high school in May 1977, the same year and the same month the first movie, A New Hope, hit theaters. He vividly remembers sitting in the theater and instantly enjoying the plot and characters, connecting with their stories and their personalities. “The Saga Begins” serves as an absurdly catchy reminder of his favorite movie series and a reminder of the song that inspired it, “American Pie,” another great song on his playlist. His favorite aspect of listening to the song is relishing Yankovic’s rhyming prowess, evident in the lines “We took a bongo from the scene / And we went to Theed to see the queen / We all wound up on Tatooine,” which blends smoothly into the chorus, “Oh my, my this here Anakin guy / Maybe Vader someday later - now he’s just a small fry.” Though quite strange and a tad confusing to many, for my father this song brings back fond memories from a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.


    My dad’s favorite song is “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire. This song was released in 1978, and my father was twelve years old at the time. He really loves Earth, Wind & Fire, and he has their albums, which he plays in the car (and which was how he introduced me to the song). “September” is a very upbeat song, and my father enjoys listening to it because he thinks that it is catchy. This song fits into multiple genres, and it is considered to be disco, R&B/soul, and pop. Many people like it because it makes them feel happy, and the singer is recalling September, a month that held many good memories for him and his lover. It is a somewhat cheesy song, but my father says that it was popular “back in his day”, and he still enjoys listening to it now.


    My dad’s favorite song from his high school days was “The Zoo” by the German rock group called Scorpions. This classic rock song is what my father listened to as he prepared himself for his football and baseball games. My dad listened to this song to get himself into focus before playing baseball and football, and it was the intense instrumental of this song that got him to do so. The opening instrumental is very loud and catches the attention of listeners, it’s exactly what I’d categorize as rock music. The lyrics on the other had my father didn’t really care for them. The lyrics are comprised of the bands nightly adventures after “another boring day.” Unfortunately this song is no longer on my fathers playlist, but he was happy to hear the intense instrumental of the Scorpions “The Zoo” after so long.


    One of my mother’s favorite songs is “Reasons,” by Earth, Wind, and Fire. My mother talked about how she really enjoyed the melody and overall instrumental composition of the song. A large part of why she liked this song was because of how well the band harmonized together. She believed that band’s voices mixed together smoothly to create a very calming and relaxing song. She explained how it came out when she was in middle school and was very popular for many of her school dances. Whenever she hears this song, it reminds her of her childhood. She spoke to me more in depth about how it’s such a long song that the radios wouldn’t play the full song, but her school would play the full version for people to slow dance too. She remembers that most of her school dances would end the night with this song, making it even more memorable. Overall this song has stuck with her since she was little and she still loves it.


    One of my dad’s favorite songs is “We are the World” by the charity group U.S.A. For Africa. He explains why he chose his song: “During that time, it seemed that, not just the United States, the world was united with that song. There really hasn’t been a song since like it. It’s a song with meaning.” My dad’s choice was hard for him because he was a DJ during college and cycled through many songs. For him, he cared a lot about the lyrics and meaning behind a song. There wasn’t much reasoning behind his choice musically, but he thinks of it as a “powerful song.” His song probably wasn’t the good-to party song for clubs, but everyone liked when the song comes on. Some notable mentions are “That’s Life” by Frank Sinatra and “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder.


    My mother’s favorite song is Disney’s “When You Wish Upon a Star.” She said that the song always cheered her up because it always played right before a Disney movie (which is her absolute favorite to watch). My mom liked how the soft instruments had a full sound at a low volume, which set the whimsical scene for the film to follow. The lyrics “when you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, your dreams come true” really resonate with her. As a child, she definitely did not have the privilege that I have now of food on the table every night, or money for high school tuition. The lyrics gave her hope and put her in a happy mood. My mom said one of the reasons why she loves this song so much, is that she is musically challenged (she can’t sing on pitch), but she claims that this song was the perfect range for her vocals.

  10. My fathers favorite song

    "Let the Good Times Roll" by Sam Theard

    First recorded by Louis Jordan in 1947, "Let the Good Times Roll" has been a standard of big bands and blues singers through the years and is still popular today. The song is a simple 12-bar blues which encourages the listening audience to live in the moment, enjoy themselves with friends, and to leave their worries behind. Although it was a favorite of Ray Charles, B. B. King is the performer who really makes this song stand out for my dad. His horn-centered big band arrangement, booming voice and lyrical guitar lines create an energizing match for the upbeat lyrics. When my dad listens to King's version, he imagines a simpler time, a less complicated world, where just enjoying friends, family and the time we have on this earth is still a worthwhile goal.


  11. Kyra

    You’ve Got A Friend:
    Wind Beneath My Wings:

    Growing up, my mother and father had two different favorite songs that they still cherish and remember all the lyrics to this day. My mother’s favorite song was “You’ve Got A Friend”, by James Taylor. His version of this song won the 1971 Grammy Award for the Nest Male Pop Vocal Performance and also won for Song of the Year. My mother has always valued friendship and loyalty, which is the reason why she chose this song. The lyrics mention how a true friendship can have the greatest impact in your life. All her close friends growing up didn’t attend the same school, but worked at the YMCA where she hung out most of the time with a mixture of junior leaders. To this day, Taylor’s song still reminds my mother about her closest friends, the ones she will always be able to count on. She mentioned that “although we don’t see each other often, it is an unspoken bond”. My father’s favorite song growing up was “Wind Beneath My Wings”, by Bette Midler. He loves this song because it reminds him of his father. The lyrics say “Did I ever tell you you’re my hero? You’re everything, everything I wish I could be...”. My dad’s hero was his father because he was the smartest man he knew growing up and the one person he could always count on to support him in any decision he made. Whenever my father hears this song nowadays, there is still only one person that comes to his mind.

  12. Mairi

    One of my dad’s favorite songs of all time is Caught Up In You by 38 Special. This song is meaningful to both my mom and my dad because apparently it is one of the first things they bonded over. My mom had this song playing in the car stereo one day and my dad couldn’t believe that she was interested in this genre of music. Along with the sentimental value attached to this song, my dad enjoys it due to its southern rock vibe and catchy rhythm. Being a music guy, my dad also mentioned how he liked that the song is not on all down beats, or up beats, but is a mix of both. The song in general just gives off happy and feel good vibes that he can jam to at any time. They’ve passed their love of this tune down to me and my brother, and even today this song can be found on my “oldies” Spotify playlist.

  13. Hana

    Seo Taiji and Boys- I know

    “I know” by Seo Taiji and Boys is actually their first biggest hit and still stands as their most popular song. When this song was first released, the genre of rap was also first introduced as well in South Korea. The audience’s interest in rap was great and Seo Taiji and Boys became very popular through this song. The song itself has a fast beat rapping in the beginning and throughout the song as well as some soulful singing in the verses. The chorus begins with the name of the song, “I know” and continues on with a passionate and eloquent rap which indicates his unrequited love for a girl. This song seemed to be popular among both the older generation and the younger generation. My mother was an 18 year old when this was released. She felt a strong connection to this song, not only because everybody else her age liked it but also because she could relate to the lyrics of a heart break and her desire to love.

  14. Jonah

    Ekolu - Drinkin Problem

    Tevin Campbell - Can We Talk

    One of my dad’s favorites songs is Drinkin Problem by Ekolu. He told me that he has always had a love for reggae and relaxing music. He told me growing up he was always listening to reggae and Hawaiian music with his dad my grandpa. He said he likes how calming the music is, yes its an upbeat song but he likes the feel he gets from it, the feel of stress free. My mom similar to my dad’s favorite song is quite slow and calming too. She said the slow rhythm in Can We Talk by Tevin Campbell was the style back then, she said they would all know the words and be able to sing it together. She said the feeling of comfort that this type fo sing brought was what she thinks they were most attracted to.

  15. Riley U

    My mom’s favorite song is John Lennon’s “Imagine.” Because this song came out the same year that she was born, she said that there is always a nostalgic feeling when she hears it. She did not chose this song for its catchy beat or the flow of the song. She selected this song because of the meaningful lyrics. Lyrics like “No need for greed or hunger… imagine all the people / sharing all the world” are the reason why she chose this song. If everyone were to life their life being selfless the world could be much better. Although I have no real attachment to John Lennon like my mother did, I do believe that living how Lennon suggested would make everyone’s lives better.



    One of my mom’s favorite songs of all time is “Your Song” by Elton John. She loves the song not because of the actual song, but because of the memories behind it. Even though it makes her cry almost every time she hears it. This song is her favorite because my dad, who died when I was three, always used to play it on the piano and sang it for her when he was alive. We used to live in Germany, and the song reminded my dad of his trip to Hawaii, so he played the song every time he was reminiscent of that. My mom couldn’t help but cry of happiness when he used to play it, so now she cries for the opposite reason whenever she hears it. Even with this, it is still her favorite song.

  17. ariana grande - NASA

    Ariana Grande’s NASA is a hit song played by various radio stations. NASA explains Grande’s movement towards self love rather than attempting to find herself someone to love. The lyrics “it’s like I’m the universe and you’ll be NASA” and “think im better off here all alone” represent her female empowerment very well. She’s not trying to find love. The lyrics show the audience that she’s waiting for the right person to show up, and in this case, she is the universe and her potential lovers are NASA. Other than the lyrics speaking to the audience about her self worth, she also uses repetition in words such as “tonight” and “space” to make the song more catchy because those are the kinds of words that people would sing along to. The word “space” also plays a dual role in this song. Space means the place beyond our planet, among the stars which relate to NASA as well as a position of distance from one thing to another, which refers to Grande’s need for space between her and the idea of loving someone else. The lyrics spoke to me in NASA but other than the lyrics, the melody is very subtle and delicate, which fits Grande’s voice very well. The beat of the song, especially the part leading to chorus is very light and energetic, which transitions smoothly into the chorus.

    Santana - Smooth ft. Rob Thomas
    This is one of my moms favorite songs because back when she was in high school she loved to play guitar and Santana’s style was pretty cool.
    Three Little Birds - Bob Marley
    This song is one of my dad’s favorites because he likes the simplistic beat and the cruise vide that the song gives off. He used to drive around town with his friends playing this song singing, don’t worry about a thing.