Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Songs I Love

Post a youtube link to one of your favorite songs of all time. Listen to, then write a paragraph about what makes it a favorite of yours.


  1. Hana

    Lowkey- Niki

    Lowkey by Niki is one of my favorite songs of all time due to the fact that it has a mellow beat, yet strong lyrics that represent her love towards someone. The chorus in particular, is very catchy, with the repeating lyrics that repeat the word “low”. This would be a great song to play when you are driving late at night because of its slow and subtle melody. This song also has multiple literary device such as rhyming when she rhymes the word “through” and “two” and similar sounding words and phrases such as “vibrate” and “vibe, babe” which makes the lyrics more pleasing or hear and more appealing.

  2. Kyra

    One song that I recently listened to and has now become one of my favorites is Sanctuary, by Joji. Joji is a singer and songwriter who started his career as a former Internet comedian. This song incorporates elements of trap, R&B, and soul music and its production also features ambient synthesizers and a minimalist beat. Throughout the song, Joji is identifying his significant other as his “sanctuary” because he enjoys her company and presence. The lyric “pull me up so close because you never know how long our lives will be” illustrates how he doesn’t take the time he spends with her for granted. They share a mutual relationship goal which he refers to as “sincerity”. This song is very relatable because many people in society have to deal with the struggle of love. Yearning for the two of them to be together, Joji wants to fulfill his desire to fall in love and concludes the person these lyrics are about is “the one”.

  3. Vanessa (explicit lyrics just warning you)

    Although my preferences in music range from a variety of genres and songs, I definitely think “Jesus is the One” by Kenny Beats and Zack Fox is one of my favorites. This is the type of song that my friends and I blast in the car when we need to get hyped. Usually I listen to rap music for the flow and beat, but I love this song because of the lyrics. One of the reasons why I love this song so much is how I found it. When I was required to go to a Christian Summer Camp to help out for the weekend, one of the teenagers I was volunteering with started playing this song. We thought it was so funny because although the song sounds devout and religious, don’t let the title fool you. Not only does this song have a sick beat, the lyrics make me laugh every time. One of my favorite lines is “If you ain’t a Christian, I’ma stab you in the face.” Although the entire song is ironic, I thought that it was so funny because although Christians preach peace and love, I grew up in a background where atheists were looked down upon. The ridiculous lyrics continue when Zack mourns the death of Betty White...except Betty White is alive. Unlike other rap songs who preach happiness and success, Jesus is the One’s artists brags about the fact that they are poor and depressed. Listen to this song (with discretion), and I guarantee you will laugh.


    The range of music I listen to expands constantly, but I return to classic artists and songs without fail. One of the long-standing champions in my never-ending list of favorite songs is Elvis Presley’s 1977 rendition of The Righteous Brothers’ “Unchained Melody.” The song itself is beautiful to begin with, a simple but powerful ballad that calls out to the singer’s love, asking them to wait, for they will soon return. The lyrics are vulnerable and unembellished, written almost like a love letter, but these qualities are precisely what makes this song a great one. The original recording by the The Righteous Brothers is wonderful, but Elvis’s 1977 rendition is so stunning and raw that it instantly became my favorite version of the song. At the time he was weeks away from the end of his life, so one would expect a weak, quiet delivery from him, but this is not the case. His performance is powerful, inspiring, and exceptional all the way around. This song will undoubtedly give you chills, and quite possibly turn you into an Elvis fan to boot.

  5. Mairi

    The song that I chose is Slow Dancing in a Burning Room by John Mayer. My brother introduced me to this song at the same time he was introducing me to John Mayer as an artist. This song quickly became one of my favorites and something I go back to if I ever want to just relax and listen to music. I think my favorite part of the whole song is the guitar parts that open the song and are found throughout the whole tune. Because my dad and brother play the guitar, I’ve always enjoyed songs featuring guitar solos, and John Mayer does this in almost all of his songs. While this song’s lyrics are about a breakup, or the end of a relationship, I focus mostly on the slow and almost laid back melody. Overall, this is just a song that I will never get tired of that satisfies my musical needs almost all the time.

  6. Vanessa

    The song “This Girl” alone is very catchy and upbeat, but one of the reasons why I like it is the memory attached to it. Long story short, a few years back my friend and I went to some sort of gathering and they played this song. It was so catchy and I was determined to find out the name and artist of the song, but it is pretty difficult to find a song with no words. My google searches consisted of “name of song that goes da da da da dada.” After a few days, I gave up the search. On my birthday, my friend actually researched the song a lot and her present was the name of this song which I worked so hard on finding. It’s frustrating to me now because after we did all that research, just this year it is used in a lot of commercials such as the iPhone. Despite the backstory, when I am in the car with a group of people, this is the song they get most hyped to. Not the fast rap music. Just this song when the beat drops. I’m not really sure why I like this song so much to be honest, but it just makes everyone feel happy and energetic!

  7. Chloe

    Out of my favorite songs, I decided to focus on this particular one. The link above is to the song “If We Never Met,” which came out in 2019. The song is by the artist John K. One of the genres that I listen to most often is pop. Like many of my other favorite artists, John also focuses more on pop than other genre. I like how titles of songs tend to set up the song. What I really liked was the melody and beat of the song. Personally, I like to pay attention to the lyrics, and even look them up at times. The song is relatively short, and is repetitive. There are two Stanzas that are different from each other. I found certain part of the song really sweet. Overall I like the song because of its melody, lyrics, and how catchy it is.

  8. Jonah

    This is one of my favorite songs because I like the beat and Lil Tjay’s flow in the song. I also like this song because of the memories it holds. Whenever I’m in the car with my friends, this song comes on at least once, and we all know the words and just yell it out. I also like the the pauses he uses when rapping, it causes the next beat to be more effective and heard. I also like how the lyrics are pretty fast but understandable so we can memorize the lyrics easily.


    Summer Depression - Girl in Red
    Summer depression details exactly what it sounds like, summer depression. The song encapsulates the feeling of loneliness through its powerful lyrics. In one of the first couple of lines the singer says “Waking up feeling like sh*t, it’s a normal thing to feel like this.” The song discusses how when summer rolls around, she has all this free time. All her friends are out while she is at home with nothing to do but cry. Summer leaves you with lots of free time but that also means you have a lot of time to reflect. One of my favorite lines from the song is when she says “all this time to question my life.” Irony is a key factor in this song. Considering the song is about depression it’s ironic that the tune of the song is so upbeat. This song is a very accurate representation of teenage society’s and culture today. Now it seems as if depression has become normalized and it’s no longer as big of a deal. There is a fine line between normalizing depression and accepting depression. It about time we drew the line.

  10. “Stay With Me” by Miki Matsubara is part of a Japanese genre called City Pop. I enjoy this song because it has a sorrowful, yet hopeful tone. The vocals have a big, dynamic range that are supported by the bass line and the drums. The electric piano adds nice embellishment, giving parts of the song nice auditorial decorations during transitions or during strong parts of the melody. During the chorus, there’s also a subtle countermelodies from a trumpet/horn section. The actual chord progressions are interesting because the song sounds very minor/sad, but the key is in F major. The subtle characteristic of this song gives the song that hopeful feeling with major, happy chords then turning minor chords (I think this trait is called “modulation”). I personally like this song because it’s not really that complicated(texturally) to other songs in the genre, but it is still really strong with all these very small details. I also enjoy this song because it’s one of the first songs I discovered while learning about this genre.

  11. Alexandria

    Here’s the link to the song:

    Here’s my description of it:
    At the moment my favorite song is “Still Don’t Know my Name” by Labrinth. This song is featured in the TV series on Hulu known as Euphoria. The general beat of the song is very unique because there are so many different types of instruments and varieties of sounds playing at them same time, yet they work together well to create a nice flow for the song. The overall vibe of the song definitely puts me in a good mood. It’s one of those songs you play when you are driving with your friends at night and you stick your head through the sunroof of the car, and you feel free. The actual words of the song are describing the singers unconditional love for a person that doesn’t even know who they are. The sings says “I would die or slave for you right now, but you still don’t know my name”. I think that this is very powerful and relatable because while it seems strange for someone to fall in love with someone that doesn’t even know them, it’s actually pretty common, especially amongst teenagers. We are very emotional and tend to believe that we are in love with someone just by seeing them for the first time. And while this can sometimes lead to a good relationship or us building a good connection with this person, it can also be dangerous. If we’re not willing to get to know a person, and we only know them for their looks or judge them off of other people’s ideas of them, then we can end up hurting ourselves because we won’t really know who they are, just as they don’t know who we are.

  12. Lily

    My favorite song of all time is “Just a Friend 2002” by Mario. The song is a loose cover of Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” from 1989 which interpolates “(You) Got What I Need” by Freddie Scott in 1968. However Biz’s song is about being romantically involved with a woman who is actually also involved with another man she falsely claims as “just a friend,” and Mario’s song is about being friend-zoned by a girl where he is claimed as “just a friend.” I feel like the lyrics of wanting to be more than someone’s friend but they don’t feel the same is very relatable. I love this song because it starts with a beat-box and transitions to a clean beat and then in the breakdown it transitions back to the beat box and ends with the beat again. The combination and the seamless transitions of the beat-boxing to the drum’s beat make this song so incredible to me. The song is also mostly just drums, a few notes of the guitar, and Mario’s voice layered. It’s so simple yet such a masterpiece.
    Freddie Scott - “(You) Got What I Need”
    Biz Markie - “Just A Friend”
    Mario - “Just A Friend 2002”

  13. Emily

    My favorite song is “Way Back Home” by Shaun and Connor Maynard. This song is romantic, but it is very sweet and simple. When listening to a catchy song, I normally do not think of the lyrics, but this song is very easy to understand and the tune gets stuck in your head. The writer, Shaun, is Korean, hence why half of the song is in Korean, but when you look at the translation, the song is very meaningful (you can hear it in the English parts as well). The singer is essentially saying that no matter where they go, they’ll find their way back home to the person they love, and as I’ve said before, I think that this song has a great message and meaning.


  14. Mindy

    I listen to a large variety of music however I’ve been enjoying the tune “Stay Beautiful-Jaime ver.”by Park Jimin better known as Jamie. The song’s instrumental is tame and has many spaces of silence similar to a lofi track. The songs quiet instrumental allows the vocalist to stand out, unlike her other songs that include a lot of bass. Jamie is well known for her powerful vocals however the melody of this song is simpler than most of the songs in her discography. The lyrics on their own tell the audience that they should “stay beautiful,” and that they should have confidence in their current self. She also tells the audience that if they where to change that they should continue to have confidence in there self, and by doing they so they are staying beautiful. Overall the mellow instrumental and soothing vocals make the song pleasant to listen to.

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  17. Riley U

    My favorite song of all time is the one hit wonder “Bad Day” by Daniel Powter. Though the lyrics are quite simple and its meaning is not hard to uncover, they get straight to the point and still hold a lot of meaning. I do not usually enjoy slow and sad songs, but this song just hits differently for me. What sets this song apart from the many songs I listen to is the nostalgia I get every time I hear it. During one of my nap times in preschool, I heard this song playing on the radio. Because of its slow beat and its memorable lyrics I thought the song was very catchy before even knowing what the words meant.


    One of my favorite songs of all time is “Juicy” by The Notorious B.I.G. The skill of his rhythm and rhyme is shown through this song as he raps about his rough upbringing. The beat and back-up vocals come together to create the story of his success through his personal hard work. What is most impressive to me of everything is that it was all freestyled on the spot. His accomplishments are laid out in a clear way for everyone to understand, and whether you went through a rough childhood or not, you felt compassion for him. As the song continues, he expresses his gratitude to… himself and how he is living the dream for everyone in the hood and all who helped him along the way. The song has an amazing rhythm which you can’t help but bounce along to and really feel the way his rapping matches.


    Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye.
    I don’t know what the definition or what the requirements are for a song to be “good” but I can say that I like this song. When the song the starts, there is a simple quiet beat and the singing is quiet. The beat is nice and simple and the lyrics are slow and clear making it easy to understand and process what he is saying. When the chorus hits it isn’t a huge beat drop, but the slow simplistic build up to the chorus goes hard. At first it starts quiet but if you pay close attention the music gets progressively louder so while you are listening and vibin to the lyrics/beat the chorus is just a little louder. I don’t know if anyone else can relate but the coldest part of the song is the last chorus part when he says, “BUT YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO CUT ME OFF!” And me and my friends would pop off yelling that line.